VSN Mobil Rep Update

Reseller Sign Up Link: http://vsnmobil.com/dealersignup

  • One-time sign up where Reseller accepts Terms, MAP, etc and selects their Rep from list)
  • When they select you as a rep, you are cc’ed on all their orders and get a commission from their orders (per your contract)

Credit Application: http://vsnmobil.com/credit

  • Online credit application
  • Once submitted, our finance team will reply with a credit limit for Net 30 terms

Dealer Portal: http://vsnmobil.com/dealer

  • Link where dealers access product info and images (V.360, Accessories, Lifestyle shots)
  • Dealers can log in and place orders via credit card
  • Word document credit application is here. Dealers need to fill out and submit to get Net 30 terms
  • Dealers with Net 30 terms can place POs using the online form in this portal



Setting up phone to camera: https://youtu.be/DgZV5_UffJg      


Film, edit, and upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b33WNO5q2v0 


Comparison of GoPro to V.360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMistJ06cj0




Info about the camera:

Video: The V.360 shoots 4K video at 24 fps at the highest resolution. The .mp4 output file's dimensions are 3240x2160 and the resulting view is a 180 degree view on top (3240x1080) and a 180 degree on the bottom (also 3240x1080). See below. The camera supports timelapse video as well.

Playback: The video files can be watched on any video player that supports 4K video. In addition, the videos can be viewed using the V360 companion app which allows the user to view one direction and pan around the entire 360 view. There are also V360 video players available for Mac and Windows too.


Photo: The camera shoots an 8MP 360 degree panorama in JPEG format with a 6480x1080 dimension. The camera supports burst mode as well.



Tips on Using the Camera:


Here are a few tips I’ve learned getting the most out of the camera while taking 360 video and pics:

  • Wipe off the lens as much as possible before shooting (fingerprints tend to show up in the videos if you forget)
  • If you’re in the water, make sure the O-rings are in place and the bottom is in tight (flush with camera bottom)
  • The camera is only spec'ed to 1 meter due to the microphones. In a pinch, you could tape over the microphones and take it down to 20-30 feet (just make sure both O-rings are in place)
  • We are working on a dive bell case that will be the best solution for underwater use
  • The range of the bluetooth remote drops to inches underwater
  • If you want to avoid water beading on the lens, use RainX For Plastic (not regular RainX for Glass)
  • Place the camera low relative to what you want to capture (since it shoots 45 degrees up and only 15 down)
  • If most of the scenery is below you, invert the camera (since inverted it shoots 45 degrees down and 15 up)
  • The green LED turns red when recording video and blinks red when taking a photo
  • The LED is the dividing line for the stacked video when recording at full resolution (so if it's aimed directly at you when recording, your face will be split in half in the stacked video)
  • To share video, take the .mp4 file from the micro SD card and upload it directly to Littlstar or Vrideo. (Run it through our video converter to upload it to Youtube)

Both Littlstar and Vrideo will accept raw .mp4 and .jpg files from the V.360 and can be inserted into social media